The Seven Speakers

Adventure 3 Session 1
Descending to the Rift

The d’Corvus Enterprise hired the friends to travel into the Eternal Dark to find information on the Speaker of Darkness. Travelling from their home in Soldeus the friends took the ferry to Cliffton and then headed down into the Ravine.
Markus Colburn had contracted Daenera d’Ortis to attempt to locate the Sword of Justice within the ravines of the Eternal Dark and had given her folios on both the sword and the hero who used to wield it, Sir Aaron Lawman, a paladin of Karthas. Meanwhile Naka had met with two other gnomes, Elitta and Margie Tis taking some time to be a gnome and not a disguised human boy. During his merriment, he decided to pick the pocket of Ias Urlas, a notable village member of Cliffton.
Dano, Tahlie, and Naka also spoke to the local constabulary, gaining some information on the local inhabitants and the appeal of living in Cliffton. They also learnt some about the route that they would take into the Eternal Dark and what to watch out for.
Heading east they descended into the ravine, eventually reaching a rickety bridge that crossed Bemos Falls, a massive waterfall that fell into the darkness below. There they came across a group of Kull Bandits. The fight was vicious and took a heavy toll but the friends were victorious. Taking a moment to catch their breath they continued on after dumping the bodies into the falls.
An hour or so later they came across the second group of Kull Bandits, but this time the friends were far more cautious and took the tame to formulate a plan. Execution of the plan resulted in swift victory and the rewards that follow.
Several hours later they reached the bottom of the ravine and found a makeshift house where the escaping rider of the Kull Bandits had fled to. Here they fought Pimpy, the youngest of the Kull Family and defeated him, claiming several items and gold as a reward.
Resting for a moment, they examined the hand drawn map on Pimpy’s house and headed for Dip, a small village in the darkness of the ravine.


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