Once there were seven gods that ruled mankind as a reward for banishing the alien Vvaar from Kae’edra. The gods were mortals ascended to ultimate power. But in this ascendance they knew that they were ultimately weak, and thus, they left, leaving the grand automata that the true gods had created, to waste away in sunken tombs, and to be forgotten by the mortal races.

Now war rages between Thassia and the Immaculate Caliphate. As famine devastates the already weakened people of Thassia the Arch Prelate of the Holy Fire, Dominque Estrades III, delves into the archives long forgotten and seeks the power of the seven ancient gods of Aethelheim.

The church hires mercenaries and companies to find ancient tools that will give them control over the ancient automata.

But something lurks in the background, pulling all of the strings, and as adventurers begin to find the souls that contain the ancient gods of Aethelheim, a dark shadow falls across the land, its feathered wings pulling all of the strings.

The Seven Speakers

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